East Germany’s largest amusement park

In the outskirts of Leipzig, “Belantis” offers entertainment for the whole family. Among the more than 60 attractions is the mega rollercoaster “Huracan” with 5 loops and 32 meters of free fall. But in East Germany’s largest amusement park, one also encounters the worlds of American Indians, Greek goddesses, and Egyptian pharaohs. A great adventure is guaranteed and the number of attractions keeps growing.

Pre-Jurassic park

Germany’s largest and best known dinosaur park goes back to 1978 when the sculptor Franz Gruss began creating life-sized dinosaurs from concrete and steels based on scientific knowledge. This was long before “Jurassic Park” made dinosaurs popular and an amazing private initiative in Communist times. Located in the Kleinwelka district of Bautzen, the Kleinwelka Dinosaur Park shows scenes of life from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous Age. It is augmented by other family attractions in the immediate vicinity.

Lost and confused

Right next to the Kleinwelka Dinosaur Park, there is Germany’s largest maze. There are two further labyrinths of which one is an obstacle course and the other a trip to the world of fairy tales. Another maze can be found in Kohren-Sahlis near Leipzig while the Moritzburg Maze near Dresden is not formed by hedges, but, amazingly, by maize. The latter is part of a plantation where, during the seasons, delicious berries can be harvested.

Small world

It is the world’s oldest miniature world, the “Klein-Erzgebirge” (“Small Ore Mountains”) in Oederan near Chemnitz. The 200 most beautiful buildings in the Ore Mountains and more than 1,300 hand-carved figurines in the scale of 1:25 are on display in quaint park, connected by model trains. There are miniature versions of other regions of Saxony, namely Saxon Switzerland and the Vogtland. The miniature world in Lichtenstein, on the other hand, is dedicated to well-known attractions from all over the world.