A day in Saxony

This is just an example for a perfect day in Saxony without the need for an overnight stay, making it the perfect day trip from Berlin or Prague: It starts with a visit of Königstein Fortress in Saxon Switzerland National Park. From the top of the table mountain the breathtaking landscape can be admired. A short drive to the outskirts of Dresden is followed by a steamboat ride from Pillnitz, the former summer palace of the Saxon kings, to Dresden’s historic city centre. The beauty of the Elbe River Valley in Dresden, once declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, lies in the perfect harmony of nature and architecture. After disembarking in front of Dresden’s famous skyline after a one hour trip, the guided walk of Dresden begins, through the historic streets of Dresden and to many world-famous buildings like, the Zwinger, the Semper Opera House and the Church of Our Lady. A visit to the Green Vault treasury museum, one of the legendary museums of the Dresden State Art Coillections, leads to the “Court of Aurangzeb” and the Dresden Green Diamond from India. And so a memorable day comes to an end.

A stay in Saxony

There are a number of popular day trips from Dresden. Most common is an excursion to nearby Moritzburg Castle, the famous hunting palace of Augustus the Strong with its incredible feather room, followed by Wackerbarth Castle Saxon State Winery and a visit to Meissen, the beautiful cradle of Saxony, including the manufactory where Europe’s first and finest porcelain is made. A day trip to Leipzig, Saxony’s largest city, is also recommended and it comes with the bonus of great shopping opportunities in the arcades and yards. Then there is breathtaking Görlitz, the movie makers’ dream location, combined with Bautzen, the medieval capital of the Sorbs, with their distinctive traditions. And it is worth to add more time in Dresden itself, a most beautiful and interesting place to spend time at.

No limits

From Dresden, day trips can even be made to Berlin and Prague. It is a hassle-free way to add more destinations to the itinerary without having to pack bags all the time. For people with certain special interests, entire itineraries for Saxony can be built around the particular focus. For example, car enthusiasts can spend three days in Saxony and see the factories of Volkswagen, Porsche and BMW as well as the birthplace of Audi, with a drive in a Porsche or a race car added as a bonus. Lovers of classical music can tour Saxony for a week just focusing on music sights without getting bored. And art enthusiasts can spend days in the world-famous museums of the Dresden State Art Collections.