Night and day

Saxony is a fun place anytime of the day. It does not matter whether one prefers to be active are just wants to sit back and relax. There are plenty of activities for night owls. Even if one is content to just go out to the restaurants and bars, the fun will last as long as it lasts. In Saxony, there is no closing time. Throughout the year, a large number of interesting events are open for participation in or simple enjoyment. After all, the Saxons are very much obliged to Augustus the Strong and he knew how to have a good time.

Big occasions

There are too many interesting events in Saxony to mention but some of them are even more special than others

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Great sports

When it comes to sports in Saxony one only has to decide whether to participate or just sit back and cheer

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Nightlife Saxon style

Darkness does not mean that the day has ended and many nights in Saxony end only with light of the next day

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