Why we love Saxony

“The moment I walked out of the train station of Dresden, I found the Europe I had dreamt off. Serene, full of culture, without any influence from the West! Every place I visited thereafter be it big cities like Leipzig or small picture post card towns like Görlitz or Zwickau resonated with the same strong feeling of surroundings with rich culture and traditions. It is a heady mix of music, architecture, food and engineering. Every year I look forward to spend at least few days in some part of Saxony, regain the peace of mind and come back fully refreshed."
Sanjay Dabke, Journalist

“During the last few years I have been associated with the travel business, I have had the opportunity to travel to new places around the world. Before my visit to Germany, my perception about the country has more or less been that of a business destination. When I was given this opportunity to travel to Germany, I was in for a pleasant surprise. I was awed by the warmth and the hospitality of the people. The country is not only beautiful but also very rich in culture. I had a chance to visit many different cities but my visit to Saxony, especially Dresden was undoubtedly one of the best experiences. I not only found Dresden to be a beautiful, but a city with breathtaking landscapes as well. One can even find a touch of India in Dresden and the Green Vault is a good example of that. This historic museum contains the largest collection of treasures in Europe and one of the most marvelous objects is a miniature recreation of the audience hall at the court of Aurangzeb, the seventeenth century Moghul ruler. Other highlights were a visit to the VW's Transparent Factory, dinner at the Meissen State Porcelain Manufactory, served on their finest porcelain, and the natural wonder called Saxon Switzerland. Undoubtedly, Dresden is one of Germany's top tourist destinations and a hidden treasure waiting to be explored.”
Shalini Kapur, Travel Professional

“I love Saxony because it is not just a prefect holiday destination but also a prefect living destination.  The spaces of leisure, of natural beauty, architectural magnificence and history are integrated into daily life. One doesn’t have to escape to somewhere else to feel transported and amidst joyful possibilities. One is already there.”
Seema Prakash, Dresden Tour Guide

One of the nicest things that Subhash Motwani of Compact Travels did to us while helping us plan our holiday to the Czech Republic was suggesting that we do a side trip to Dresden It turned out to be the most delightful interlude in our fun-filled vacation, and we wish we could have spent a longer time there. Two days was just not enough to see such a beautiful city. Yes, Dresden is rightfully called the ''Florence of the Elbe''. Rich in scenic beauty, art, history, culture, music and nightlife, it is truly a city to visit. It has something for everyone! The centre of Dresden was bombed and destroyed by the Allied forces in 1945, but how systematically it has been rebuilt again! In fact the awe-inspiring reconstruction of the Protestant Church of Our Lady, which had been reduced to a 4ft. high pile of rubble, bears testimony to the tireless efforts to restore Dresden to its former glory. The imposing Zwinger with its many museums is a sight to behold. It can be seen from afar, with the massive golden crown of Augustus the Strong , set royally on the baroque Crown Gate, glinting in the morning sunlight. The highlight of our day was undoubtedly our visit to the Historic Green Vault housed within the Royal Palace. It is not for nothing that it is said that the Green Vault is the most magnificent treasure trove in Europe. It has sculptures, artifacts, jewels, gold, silver, diamonds, precious stones, ivory and is especially famous for its huge 'Green Diamond' from India and the 'Court of Aurangzeb' figurines. We were certainly unable to do justice to this museum! We made it a point to visit the fabulous Semper Opera, one of the grandest opera houses of Europe. Once outside we set out to see the famous 'Procession of Princes' which is a fresco on 24,000 mosaic Meissen tiles, covering over 100 metres in length. Simply superb! We took a hop-on hop-off bus ride and also got off at Pfund's Dairy, supposedly the most beautiful milk shop in the world! It was like a picture book with its painted ceramic tiles, figures and ornaments forming a back drop for their delicious selection of gourmet cheeses, homemade ice cream and other dairy products. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to take one of those paddle steamer cruises down the River Elbe, but we did justice to some amazing pastries and desserts at a local restaurant. Out of this world! Worth going back for more! And so we sampled quite a bit of what Dresden had to offer. It was like a 'starter , for it has certainly whetted our appetite for more ! We truly wish we had had more time to enjoy Dresden leisurely and completely. We strongly recommend a visit to Dresden to tourists who go that way. They are sure to savour the delights of Saxony and come back fully satisfied. We certainly fell in love with Dresden and have every intention of going back there someday. There's so much left to see!”
Megan and Maurice Correa, Travelers

“The beauty of Dresden lies in its old landmark buildings made of sandstone, cobbled streets, bridges illuminated with orange lights in the dark and river running through the middle of the city. As many closed-minded people you will find, there are many curious people who recognize you as being Indian and smile at you because they are fascinated by your culture. A walk through the city, a bike ride along the river, a hike in Saxony Switzerland and paddling along the river are the options that Dresden and its surroundings offer to you. The traditionally old Christmas markets filled with incense, traditional Christmas decor made handcrafted by wood and hot wine are something that every Dresdener looks forward to. Dresden is what I had imagined a European city to be.”
Jyothi Vidur, Engineer in Dresden

“Saxony is truly a hidden treasure of Germany and it offers amazing experiences for lovers of art, food, culture, history and tradition. From the romantic city of Dresden to the stunning landscapes of Saxon Switzerland and from the vibrant city of Leipzig which is home to automobiles, culture and music to the quaint towns such as Meissen, Görlitz and Bautzen, Saxony offers a very wide range of experiences for the discerning traveler. I have visited Saxony twice and I don't see any reason not to be back in Saxony again to explore another hidden treasure of this wonderful region.”
Subhash Motwani, Founder of Namaste Germany and Director of Compact Travels

I have been to Saxony twice and for me it has been a love affair that will continue for a lifetime. It was love at first sight for me when I arrived in Dresden in 2011 ... It was like the whole beauty and grandeur of Europe packed into one city. Dresden has been my work place and I love the people the city the beauty of the Elbe Valley ... fun and awe and amazement of Saxony Switzerland ... the mystic of the landscapes and the cable car The romanticism of the cafes and pubs of Dresden ... the piousness of the Frauenkirche and the fun of Leipzig the mischief and art of Kunstpassage the splendour of Saxony Castle the sweetness of Halle (on the Saale) ... I have had some the most memorable and beautiful experiences in Saxony and I hope that my sojourns to Dresden and Saxony go on and I do get opportunities in the future to visit Dresden and the beautiful state of Saxony.
Sourish Halder

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